Eating Marijuana (consuming pot)

  • Eating marijuana is a great alternative to smoking.
  • First off, you are not smoking your pot, which is not healthy nor the best use of your marijuana.
  • When you eat your dose of marijuana the high is often very distinct from from the high from smoking weed.
  • Eating your dose of marijuana is much more convenient in many social settings than is smoking a joint or using a vaporizer.
  • It is easier to control the specific dose of marijuana ingested when you are cooking and eating marijuana.
  • The marijuana high lasts longer when you ingest your dose because it is digested over time as opposed to taken in thru your lungs.
  • High quality weed can be added directly to ingredients. You can grind it fine and cook it into flour, oil or butter and not worry removing the marijuana from the mix.
  • Using clippings and second grade weed you will want to separate/strain the marijuana clippings from the pot butter or other infusion after the THC has been leached from the pot.
  • Tip: It is very important that you heat the marijuana before eating it, either before or during the cooking process. The THC is activated/released via heat. No one want to eats raw marijuana plants, yuck!
  • Tip: How much marijuana do you eat? Everyone will need to decide on their preferred dose individually. A good baseline is that 1/4 gram of high quality marijuana properly prepared will provide a discernible buzz even to the most seasoned stoners.


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